How a Great Air Conditioner Can Increase Productivity

Increased Productivity

Keeping the productivity of your teams stable or increasing your team’s efficiency can be a challenging task and air conditioners are an important factor of success. The temperature and the quality of the air in the office are directly related not only to the mood of your team members and to the general atmosphere at the workplace, but to their productivity as well – here is how a great HVAC system can increase the efficiency of their work:

  • Maintaining alertness – an office that is too hot will make the people who spend long hours in it sleepy and irritable, while an environment that is too cold prevents proper blood circulation and makes people feel lethargic. An air conditioner of the right capacity will keep the temperature stable, ideally around 21 degrees centigrade, making the office comfortable and suitable for the increased concentration required by office work;
  • Humidity control for high performance – the level of humidity in the air also impacts productivity. Choose an air conditioner that is able to keep humidity around 40%;
  • Health preservation – comfortable, even temperature and controlled humidity levels prevent lots of illnesses, thus reducing sick days;
  • Longer life for IT equipment – computers are very sensitive to changing temperature and humidity, but a good air conditioner can keep both parameters at optimal levels, thus preventing costly downtime and improving productivity. So for local commercial air conditioning repair in Denver, contact All Temperatures Controlled for immediate help.

Originally Posted over here: How a Great Air Conditioner Can Increase Productivity


Author: All Temperatures Controlled, Inc.

Based in Denver, Colorado, brothers Dave and Don Dempster know just how unpredictable and bipolar Colorado weather can be, which is why they founded All Temperatures Controlled, Inc. more than 20 years ago. Being a local and family business, “The Service Specialists” have been able to specialize in: •Controlling inside temperatures, both in residential and commercial properties •Recognizing and using only the best quality products •Establishing strong relationships •Exceptional customer service •Building trust Take control of your comfort and temperature with All Temperatures Controlled, Inc.

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