Things That Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Services

The quality of the air inside your home affects not only your mood and your comfort, but your health as well – here are the most important factors that influence air quality:

  • Chemicals used in the house – the substances that you use for cleaning, the air freshener, the chemicals used for neutralizing the smell of your pets all affect the quality of the air. If any of the chemicals that you use in the house cause nausea, headache or irritations to your eyes or to your throat, replace them with green, non-allergic products;
  • Suspended dust particles and hair – the household dust and pet hair that floats in the air is known to be one of the most common causes of irritations and allergies;
  • Humidity – air quality is influenced by the level of humidity as well. Air that is too dry can cause irritations to the throat, to the eyes as well as to the skin, while air that is too humid causes rot and mold, it favors the appearance of mites and can cause respiratory problems as well;
  • Temperature – indoor temperatures that are too high or too low cause not only discomfort, but are dangerous for your health as well. For optimal temperatures, have an skilled air conditioning repair Denver area company to your house for annual maintenance on your HVAC systems.

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Author: All Temperatures Controlled, Inc.

Based in Denver, Colorado, brothers Dave and Don Dempster know just how unpredictable and bipolar Colorado weather can be, which is why they founded All Temperatures Controlled, Inc. more than 20 years ago. Being a local and family business, “The Service Specialists” have been able to specialize in: •Controlling inside temperatures, both in residential and commercial properties •Recognizing and using only the best quality products •Establishing strong relationships •Exceptional customer service •Building trust Take control of your comfort and temperature with All Temperatures Controlled, Inc.

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