Pointers for finding a job in commercial HVAC

The HVAC industry has two main categories: residential and commercial. Professionals in residential HVAC work in people`s apartments, houses etc., while those in commercial HVAC serve companies, factories, office buildings etc. The two categories are similar in some ways, but also different in other ways.

People who want to find a job in a superb Denver commercial heating and cooling company quickly must know that breaking in this category typically requires a certain level of initial education including a license to handle refrigerant, also continuing education, an apprenticeship program or a few years of experience; these requirements are often higher than those for entering the residential part of the HVAC industry. This is because being hired by a company often means dealing with a significant amount of HVAC equipment; the systems are larger and more complicated, therefore hiring standards are higher.

On the other hand, the working schedule tends to be more stable for professionals in commercial HVAC, considering that emergencies are rarely noticed after business hours.

Candidates for a job in the commercial HVAC industry must be ready to prove their skills in working with different kinds of systems and custom installation, as well as with building managers that may be more demanding than homeowners.



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Hiring tips for HVAC companies

Every reputable company that invests in its image is constantly looking for the best possible employees. When it comes to HVAC workers, they must be qualified and trained so that they have knowledge of technical data, systems  and controls, knowledge in repair of a walk in cooler refrigeration system and are familiar with the HVAC equipment, have good communication and customer service skills, are capable to employ various troubleshooting procedures, show interest in advanced training and have knowledge of all the codes in the HVAC industry.

For companies, it is often very challenging to find good workers, but not impossible; they key is to take into account several factors:

  • Do not recruit only when you are in desperate need for workers. Keep your eyes open and be ready to add a good employee to your team when you find him
  • There are many sources that you can use for recruiting – and you should really use them all: word of mouth, internet, media… If you have several candidates and must select only some of them, be sure to screen them carefully and prepare the right questions for the interview. You can even have the candidates go through more than one interview, just to have a well-rounded view of them in the end. Look for the candidates at work, check their level of experience and versatility, verify their credentials and make sure they have good references.

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Trends In The Colorado Construction Industry

Colorado is one of the states that are a constant presence in the tops for job growth and development of various industries. The construction industry makes no exception, especially because Colorado also has one of the fastest rates of population growth in the US.   There are quality jobs in commercial air conditioning repair in Denver, you can be sure of it.

Besides the fact that Colorado is expected to continue to offer very good working opportunities for construction workers, there are some other current trends that will continue in 2018.

  • The construction industry will keep suffering from the shortage of qualified labor. This is the negative side about population growth: the demands are higher than the possibilities, especially that lots of qualified workers have left the industry during the recession and never came back. Recent statistics show that there were more than 100,000 unfilled jobs in construction, during 2017 and construction companies will keep encounter difficulties in recruiting workers, especially when it comes to skilled craft labor.
  • Apartment building frenzy will persist in 2018, especially in Denver metro area. There are already many projects started that will be continued in 2018, from affordable to luxurious and extravagant flats, for people with all kind of needs and budgets moving into big cities, looking for better work. In the same time, multi-family unit construction is expected to slow down.
  • Specialists also estimate reduced property costs, in the years to come.



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Trends in Restaurant Construction And Design

Restaurant construction and design is governed by trends, so if you are currently in the process of designing your restaurant or you want to update the looks of your place, here are the hottest, most fashionable trends:

  • Visible kitchens – a trend that merges the front and the back of the restaurant and offers customers the chance to take a glimpse of what goes on in a professional kitchen, thus improving trust by making the entire place transparent. It is also very statement worthy to have a walk in cooler to reflect the adherence of food laws.
  • Artsy environments – many restaurant spaces nowadays combine features of a gallery with components designed to offer customers comfort.
  • The balanced and dynamic combination of textures – a bar countertop made from concrete combined with wooden shelves in a rich deep brown, glass and steel furnishing items combined with textured fabrics in warm colors, industrial-style lighting elements in a toned-down environment are really hot today.
  • Minimalist design – a trend that has been around for a long time now, minimalist spaces that use only one or two materials and not more than three colors are still fashionable.
  • The combination of vintage and modern – like salt brings out sweetness in a dish and sugar can make saltiness more interesting, vintage décor elements add more personality to modern spaces and modern pieces make vintage settings easier to interpret.


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What Happens When HVAC Companies Service Your Air Conditioner?

HVAC companies provide the complete range of air conditioner-related services. Most of them also provide in Denver Commercial HVAC services too!  They can handle repair, maintenance and installation – here are a few details about each of these services:


To assure proper performance, air conditioners need to be maintained every six months. Maintenance procedures include the detailed inspection of the unit, cleaning, the replacement of filters, the recharging of the refrigerant, checking the thermostat, cleaning the part of the unit that is outside the building, combing coil fins and testing the compressor.


Any air conditioner, even the smallest one is a complex machine, with many components that can break down. If your AC equipment stops working or it no longer delivers the performance it used to deliver, the HVAC experts you turn to will first of all inspect the air conditioner and will make measurements on it to identify the faulty component, then they will inspect the culprit to decide whether it can be repaired or it needs to be replaced. If you need a new part, they will order it using their professional supply chain or they will take it from their stock and will complete the repair installing the new part.


Most HVAC companies offer not only installation services, but consultation as well, so you can turn to them if you want a new air conditioner, but you don’t know too much about thermal units and air conditioner sizes.

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How Often Should I Have My Furnace Serviced?

With the cold season just around the corner, many homeowners ask themselves whether their perfect-working, perfect-looking furnaces need any professional attention. Well, experts agree that your furnace doesn’t need to look bad or to show visible signs of deterioration before a break-down, its appearance doesn’t necessarily change before it starts malfunctioning or wasting energy. According to manufacturers, furnaces need servicing two times a year: once in spring, before the cooling season starts and once in fall, before you turn on the heating for the first time during the year. It’s best to have a dependable Denver commercial heating and cooling company maintain your HVAC system, as a business owner, is just as important.

The servicing includes the thorough inspection of not only the furnace itself, but of the entire heating and cooling system as well, followed by cleaning and repairs, if necessary. The process is quick and affordable, but it drives many benefits:

  • It makes sure the furnace functions efficiently, without wasting energy and increasing energy bills.
  • It makes sure that your heating and cooling system works properly, giving you the peace of mind that you will not have broken heating in the middle of winter or broken cooling when it is scorching outside.
  • It prevents the gas leaks that can be caused by clogged or malfunctioning furnaces, thus preventing health hazards caused by carbon monoxide leaks, an odorless and colorless gas that can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, even death.


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Recommendations in Construction Management – Suggestions for Project Managers

Construction management, also called construction project management is the process of overseeing a building project from building conception, design and planning to execution. The process requires the contribution of many experts from architects and engineers to construction professionals, from licensed commercial refrigerator technicians, to material planning specialists from builders and numerous others, all of them being coordinated by the project manager and the project management team.

Construction management being such a complex process, even the most experienced and knowledgeable project manager can do with a little help, especially as construction is known as an industry which needs professionals to handle unexpected situations all the time. Fortunately, there are numerous resources and written recommendations available for managers in charge of construction projects – here are the most important areas they can find help with in technical literature:

  • Project planning
  • Cost, time and quality management
  • The administration of contracts
  • The management of contractor and sub-contractors
  • The management of safety-related issues.

Construction management recommendations are available for those who are just planning to start a career in the field – beginner project managers might be confused by the complexity of the tasks to be handled, but construction management is definitely a challenging, exciting and rewarding career path.

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